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How do you get a driver's license back from child support courts?

If you were to receive a notice that the court was suspending your license due to an arrearage on your child support payments, then your first reaction might be panic. However, the situation might not be as dire as it seems at first. Minnesota law could provide a way to delay or prevent the suspension of your license and the placement of a lien on the equity you hold in your vehicle. 

Calculating child support in a Minnesota divorce

When parents choose to file for divorce in Minnesota, they must attend to a host of issues regarding the children involved in the marriage. One of the most important may be that of child custody and child support. States may adopt different models of calculating child support based on the parents’ income, time spent with the child and several other factors. Minnesota uses an income shares model of calculating child support, according to the National Conference of State Legislators. This is built off the belief that children should have the same financial support that they would have had if their parents would have stayed married.

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