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August 2018 Archives

Unspoken bias: How fathers fare in the judicial system

One of the things you've probably been told by at least one person is that there is a bias against fathers in court. The reality is that there may have been a bias in the past, but parents are equal in the eyes of the court today. The perception used to be that fathers worked and mothers stayed home, so it would be better to keep children with their mothers. Essentially, this wouldn't disturb the status quo.

How to give your child structured upbringing after a divorce

The Bench & Bar of Minnesota website lists twelve factors that were recently put in place to define the "best interests of a child." One of those twelve factors is the ability of parents to cooperate in raising their child. For divorced parents who share custody of their child, cooperation becomes even more important. Giving your child a stable, structured upbringing can make the child custody experience more positive and provide your child with a healthy and stable life.

Can divorced fathers protect their child’s inheritance?

Minnesota fathers who are divorced or are unmarried still retain the right to pass on an inheritance to their children. In some cases, a father's children might have reached adulthood and have gotten married. However, a divorced father might feel apprehensive about leaving their married child an inheritance, since inherited assets can sometimes be divided up in a divorce. Fortunately, fathers have options to help keep their child's inheritance safe.

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