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How can I organize my child’s medical bills?

Divorced Minnesota parents can create provisions in their divorce agreements that state which of the two parents are to pay for medical bills for their children, if one parent or both should do it, and how much each parent is to pay. However, there are times when a parent is slow to pay his or her share. When this happens, you need to take important steps to organize medical bills and receipts that you will need when you seek reimbursement for your child’s medical bills.

Keep on top of your finances

As a father, you have a unique and important role in your child's life. Exactly how you decide to fulfill all of your responsibilities is up to you, but it may help to know that things often become much easier for our clients once they are able to gain some measure of control over their finances. At Huson Law Firm, PLLC, we work to put fathers in a legal position where they have access to their children — but having a plan for money could be just as important.

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