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May 2019 Archives

Do fathers automatically have visitation rights?

As a father, your complete and valid recognition of parentage form does not automatically qualify you for visitation with your children. However, it is still an important document. Think about it this way: In Minnesota courts, your ROP would probably represent a starting point for custody and visitation discussions. It would not be the final word on the subject.

Do you understand the murky "best interests" rule for custody?

Going through a divorce can be a frustrating and often confusing experience. It is hard to understand what will happen to you and your children. Everyone has heard a few horror stories about good parents who lose custody to a scheming former spouse in a contentious divorce. That can leave you worried and afraid of what the future could bring.

Modifying a custody agreement: never easy, sometimes necessary

Modifying a child custody agreement in Minnesota is not an easy task, and that is by design. The parties to a divorce, their attorneys and the courts cooperate to create an agreement that protects parental rights while serving the best interest of the child. Nevertheless, at Huson Law Firm we know that life is subject to constant change, and an alteration to your circumstances, which may be beyond your control, can necessitate a change to an existing child custody agreement. 

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