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August 2019 Archives

Study: The benefits of joint custody

Going through a divorce can be an emotional process, especially when there are children involved. Although parents may want to shield their children from experiencing the heartache of divorce, children are often the unwilling participants of a marital separation. Determining child custody may be one of the most difficult duties of the divorce process. While children may be used to living with both parents, it can be hard for children to adjust to a single-parent household. However, studies show the clear benefits of a joint-custody arrangment. 

How does joint custody benefit your child?

As divorcing parents in Minnesota, you must make a lot of tough decisions about how you will handle parenting after the split. Though some parents are in difficult situations that make sharing joint custody hard or even impossible, it is generally advocated to go with that option if it's reasonable to do so. But why is there so much support for joint custody?

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