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What are some statistics on child support?

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2017 | Child Support |

If you are new to getting or paying child support in Minnesota, you may wonder about how it works. While the court will set the details and you will go through the state to get or make payments, there is a lot of information out there about how it really works. This includes information on whether you are getting or paying a lot more than other people, how many deadbeat parents there really are and how much money the state is pocketing on every payment made.

The Spruce reported on statistics for child support in the United States based on a 2016 report. Of the 13.4 million single parents in the country who have custody of their children, around 49 percent have a child support agreement, but only about a quarter of those ask for assistance from the government to collect the support due to them. Most of these parents are mothers with only around 31 percent being fathers. 

The average amount of a monthly child support payment is not quite $500 or $5,774 annually. Of course, not all support ordered is paid in full each month. Less than half of all parents getting support actually receive the full amount each month. This brings the average payment to about $329 a month or $3,950 annually.

Most child support agreements are created by the courts or an agency. Only around 10 percent are agreements made just between parents. 

Based on these statistics, your situation may be typical or not. However, one thing is clear. The idea that any parent is making it rich on child support is highly exaggerated. This information is intended for education and is not legal advice.