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Family Law

More Than 20 Years Of Effective Advocacy

From the start, the Huson Law Firm, PLLC, has focused on providing the highest level of family law representation for its diverse clients. Our firm has established itself as a powerful advocate for the rights of clients regardless of their gender. Our family attorneys believe in promoting client interests by fostering cooperation and shared responsibility. When it’s been necessary, we’ve proven that our emphasis on preparation and fact-based persuasion is an effective way to get successful results.

Divorce Services From A St. Paul Family Law Attorney

At the Huson Law Firm, we protect our clients’ rights while promoting swift, cost-effective and cooperative resolutions. If many issues remain contested, we’ll vigorously pursue our clients’ rights regarding child custody, child support, and spousal support or alimony. We want the best for Minnesota’s families, so we champion the rights of dads and moms. Based in the St. Paul area, our family law attorneys serve the community with a full complement of services:

  • Spousal support/alimony. Building a new and stable financial future may include getting an appropriate and fair spousal support or alimony result. Our St. Paul divorce attorneys focus on getting accurate and comprehensive financial facts to make the strongest case.
  • Child support. We believe that children do best when both parents share the responsibility of their upbringing. We make sure our clients’ children receive all of the child support they are entitled to from both parents.
  • Child custody/parenting time. Christina Huson is a mother and a St. Paul family law attorney who understands that questions about a child’s custody can be the most difficult part of a divorce. She facilitates cooperation where it’s in the child’s best interests and pursues her clients’ rights to custody when it’s not.
  • Post-divorce modifications. When circumstances change, modifications may be necessary to protect a client’s financial future. We regularly pursue changes when our clients’ financial health is in danger or when a change in circumstances would make continued payments unfair.
  • Out-of-state moves. When the decision to move a child is made unilaterally or as part of a pattern of interference with the other parent’s rights, our attorneys use the power of Minnesota’s courts to protect our clients’ children.
  • Grandparents’ and third-party rights. Under certain conditions, the law gives grandparents and third parties a chance to seek visitation rights or custody.
  • Alternative dispute resolution. Early in the divorce proceedings, we offer our clients intensive preparation for mediation and press their interests in other forums to reach the best cooperative result, saving time, money and months of continued stress.
  • Complex property valuations. Some property, such as family businesses and deferred compensation plans, can be hard to value. We use financial experts who offer forensic evidence to establish accurate values so that a division of the marital property is fair for our client.

Domestic Violence (Orders For Protection)

Domestic violence is a terrible reality for many people throughout Minnesota. To protect victims, Minnesota provides the powerful civil remedy of an Order for Protection. However, what’s intended to help victims is sometimes used as a sword against innocent fathers. Whether you need protection from an abuser or have to defend against a baseless claim, we know how to help.

Prenuptial Agreements

Planning for the possibility of future difficulties with a prenuptial agreement is a prudent practice that can save time, money and unnecessary combativeness. Our experience has shown us that a fair and orderly division of property can help both parties move into a new life and independent financial futures.

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The Huson Law Firm, PLLC, has concentrated on family law for dads and moms for more than 20 years. Serving the St. Paul metropolitan area, we believe our role is to help our clients move into new lives while keeping the good things they’ve earned. Call 651-968-0822 or contact us online to discuss any of our services. Your initial consultation is free.