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Family law attorney can help overcome common WIIFM mindset

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2016 | Child Custody |

Have you ever heard the acronym WIIFM? It stands for “What’s in it for me?” Those words are considered to represent the key customer question business people need to be able to answer about what they do or offer when marketing themselves. If you can’t articulate what benefit you can deliver, who’s going to want to work with you?

The phrase carries the presumption that prospects make their decisions on the basis of what is good for them — not what is good for everyone else. While that may be true, it might be said that the WIIFM attitude is one that filters through into our personal lives, too.

That’s not always constructive if what you dealing with family law issues in Minnesota, especially where children are involved. The emotional upheaval of divorce is such that WIIFM tendencies we have might easily bubble to the surface. And that can interfere with our being able to draw on the better angels of our nature and achieve what’s really wanted, the well-being of our children.

And the same emotion that can spur the WIIFM mentality can also get in the way of our even appreciating that many options exist for dissolving marriages and setting the stage properly for the next chapter of life for everyone who is involved.

This is where a skilled family law attorney typically proves to be most valuable. An experienced counsel knows what issues need to be addressed. She can also assess what strategies will best achieve the goals that are desired in the least disruptive way possible, all while maintaining essential objectivity.

Bridging differences to achieve the best interests of all parties is what’s in it for families who work with an attorney who understands the value of workable parenting arrangements. It costs nothing for initial consultation.