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Remarrying after divorce: How long should you wait?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2024 | Divorce |

Divorce proceedings could take anywhere from a month to a few years. The decisions you make during this time may shape your future, including your readiness to embrace a new relationship. Unlike other states where you have to wait, you are free to remarry soon after receiving the final judgment in Minnesota.

Preparing for life after divorce

The preparations you make during divorce can lay the foundation for a happier, healthier future, potentially with a new partner. There are two major steps that could benefit you long after your divorce is final.

  • Financial planning: Knowing your financial situation, including your debts and assets, may allow you to budget effectively for life as a single individual. If money was an issue in your previous marriage, planning ahead may give you the financial security you need to explore a new relationship with confidence.
  • Securing emotional support: Divorce is emotionally taxing, even for couples who split amicably. Seeking the comfort of loved ones or the guidance of a professional may help you rebuild your self-esteem and be ready to commit to someone new.

Taking proactive measures before and during divorce is an investment in your future happiness.

Signs you are ready for remarriage

The opportunity to start over can give you a chance to find love again. Many find themselves ready to remarry within four years after their divorce.

Nevertheless, it is essential to take a moment to ensure that you are truly ready to say “I do” a second time. You may be ready for remarriage if:

  • You’ve learned from and have let go of your past.
  • You have given yourself ample time to process the end of your previous marriage.
  • You and your potential spouse are financially ready.
  • You are remarrying for companionship, not because you need to.
  • You’ve built a meaningful connection with your partner.
  • You share similar core values and life goals.
  • You are able to communicate and address conflict effectively.

Remarriage is a big decision, and there is no rush to the altar. You can take what you learned from the previous marriage to build a stronger union in the future.