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Do you have to wait for a court to order child support?

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2016 | Child Support |

Child support is payments that are given by one spouse to the other for the support of their respective child. The money is meant to support the child, therefore; nominally it is given to the parent, legally it is deemed belonging to the child. You cannot obtain child support until after an order is issued by the court. But getting these orders can take months, do you have to go without support for all that time?

Yes, the court can implement child custody orders pending the implementation of permanent orders. These orders are quick and based solely on maintaining the lifestyle of the child. If they are not argued properly, they could result in serious child support obligations pending the duration of the case. It is critical that you present adequate evidence to support your income and expenses and contest your ex-spouses submissions.

You don’t want to become trapped with an overly high or low temporary support order. Remember, child support is for the benefit of your child.

Are you engaged in a dispute over custody? Do you think your ex-spouse is misleading the court about her income? A lawyer can help you investigate the facts and determine if you are entitled to greater child support. While support orders can be modified by the court at any time, under the appropriate circumstances, it is easier to ensure that the initial orders are proper, rather than risk a protracted court fight over modifications. An attorney can help you get it right the first time.