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November 2016 Archives

Can you un-adopt a child to avoid child support?

Most people understand that if they adopt a child, they are undertaking full parent responsibilities for that child. That means they are required to support them, care for them, and guide them. It also means that if the adopted parent ever divorces the birth parent, the adopted parent owes child support to care for the child. But one petitioner in New York refuses to accept those results and is promulgating a single argument.

Is a court-imposed child support order the only way?

No, it isn't. Some couple can negotiate their child support agreement. However, it is challenging and still subject to court approval. This child support agreements are often referred to as "informal agreements" because they occur outside of traditional judicial procedures. They are negotiated between the spouses and submitted to the court for approval. This post will go over the informal agreements and how you might obtain one.

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