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February 2017 Archives

Overview of child support, Part 1

Child support is mandatory payments from one spouse to the other. Under the traditional framework, the non-custodial parent would send the payments to the custodial parent. The thinking was that the non-custodial parent is not spending time or money on incidental expenses. Therefore, child support ensures that the other parent continues to contribute to the raising of the child. This post will go over the basics of child support.

What do you do if your ex denies you visitation? Part 1

Visitation is a fundamental aspect of shared custody. The courts and experts universally agree that it is in the best interests of the child for both parents to be involved in the child's life. Therefore, the courts require the parents to share custody, or if there is a primary caregiver, to grant visitation. If one parent fails to allow the other parent visitation time, then that could result in legal ramifications. This post will go over what you shouldn't do if your ex-partner denies you visitation, the following post will discuss what you should do.

The basics of obtaining a relocation order

A relocation or "move away" order is a court order that allows parents to move their children to a new residence either in the same state or out of state. Relocation orders are, typically, difficult to obtain because the court is loath to allow one parent to remove the child from the immediate access to the other parent. The courts accept the general notion that it is in the best interests of the child if both parents participate in his life, therefore relocation orders that break that mold is difficult to obtain.

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