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What do you do if your ex denies you visitation? Part 2

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2017 | Fathers' Rights |

Visitation can be ordered without share custody. Visitation is the right for you to see your child and spend quality time with her. The goal of visitation is to ensure that you maintain a healthy connection to your child. Sadly, some parents try to use visitation against the other parent by withholding it as punishment for other perceived slights. A previous post discussed what you shouldn’t do. This post will go over what you should do if your ex-partner interferes with your visitation.

Try talking to your ex. It sounds counter-productive, but many of these disputes can be handled between the two of you. Additionally, it is far better to settle it out of court than in court. If you cannot work out your differences individually, consider hiring a mediator to facilitate communication. Sometimes having someone translate and encourage dialogue can help bring people together.

Additionally, document every time your ex denies you visitation. Keep an accurate log of the dates, times, and locations of when you tried to see your child and your ex-partner blocked you. Note also the manner in which she prevented you. If you are unable to resolve the matter out of the court, you will need these records as evidence to prove your ex interfered in your parenting time (and that you have good parental behavior).

If you are engaged in a child custody dispute with your ex-partner, then you should contact a lawyer at your earliest convenience. You are entitled to participate in the raising of your child. Unfortunately, while the court recognizes that general principle as good for the child, you are not entitled to contribute until you obtain a custody order granting you authorization. A lawyer can help you gather evidence and prepare legal arguments to further your rights as a father. You are entitled to see and contribute to the raising of your child, no one can tell you otherwise.