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How to get through the holidays as a blended family

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2017 | Child Custody |

One of the biggest challenges after a divorce is helping your children adjust to having two different homes. As time goes on, you and your child’s other parent may remarry, which introduces stepparents, stepsiblings and possibly half-siblings. This can make the holidays a nightmare, but it does not have to. You should take time to plan ahead so you can make this holiday season as a blended family something everyone can enjoy.

Operation: Parent suggests mapping out the holiday schedules ahead of time so everyone knows what to expect. This will also allow you, the child’s other parent and extended families to know who will be where and when. As you create the schedules, though, be willing to bend a little. Not everyone can have the kids on the exact holiday. You may need to celebrate the day before or even the weekend before. Keep in mind the real holiday is when everyone can be together.

She Knows adds that you should be willing to let the small things slide when it comes to managing a blended family at the holidays. If you usually have a special bedtime routine on Christmas Eve, but the schedule is your child’s other parent gets the kids that night, then you will have to let it go. Do your routine some other night or make changes to start a new routine. You will have to compromise.

You should also plan out new traditions and new ways to handle the holidays. It will require change on everyone’s part. You simply cannot continue the way you have always done. So, it helps to stop thinking about the way things used to be and look forward to the new traditions. Keep in mind the holidays really are about being together and enjoying the company of those you love. This can help you to adjust and be happy instead of stressed out.

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