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How to introduce your new partner to your children

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2017 | Fathers' Rights |

Many fathers in Minnesota may think now that the divorce is final, the tough stuff is behind them. However, the reality is the hard things do not stop there. Most now-single fathers will begin to date, and at some point in a new relationship, it will be time to introduce the new partner to the children. This can be a sticky situation, and it must be handled properly to avoid problems that could plague a relationship with both the kids and the partner.

The Huffington Post notes all single fathers should take the introduction of a new partner and their children seriously. It is essential to consider everyone’s feelings. A father should discuss the new relationship with his children before they ever meet the new partner. The first meeting should be kept light and casual so everyone can feel comfortable. It should be kept short, too. 

Divorce Magazine suggests waiting to get into a new relationship after a divorce in order to allow for adjustment time. Trying to introduce a new partner too soon could cause the children to reject him or her simply because they are not yet healed from the divorce. In addition, fathers need to keep the lines of communication open. Let children express their feelings about the new relationship and react carefully. Fathers should be ready to hear negative things. 

In the end, a father has a responsibility to ensure that his new love life will not interfere with his ability to be a good father. It should not affect the relationship with his children either. If the relationship is not working for the whole family, then it might not be the right time for it. This information is for education only and not intended as legal advice.