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Gracious coparenting during holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2018 | Child Custody |

Couples in Minnesota who are separated or divorced but share children together know how challenging it can be to coparent under normal circumstances. When the holiday season rolls around, the challenges can increase. However, this time of year offers great benefits to those moms and dads who are willing to engage in active coparenting. 

As explained by Psychology Today, one important thing for parents to work on is how they will share or split time with their joint children throughout the holiday season. It is equally important that they not focus solely on splitting time, however. There are numerous traditions that they may need to share as well. For example, one parent might take the kids caroling and the other takes them to see Santa Claus at the local mall. When it comes to time and traditions, allowing children to have input can be appropriate based on their ages but parents should not put the onus on children to make the final decisions. 

When it comes to gifts, parents are encouraged to set financial parameters so that they avoid getting into power struggles based on which person can outspend the other. These things end up causing strife for children who essentially get put in the middle between moms and dads.

Coparently adds that both parents should be respectful of each other and confirm plans with the other person before solidifying them. In addition to identifying which traditions will be continued and how, the development of new events and traditions should be embraced as these things can create joy that is not associated with any losses.