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When your child’s other parent falls behind on child support

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2019 | Child Support |

As a Minnesota single parent, day-to-day life can prove difficult in and of itself, but if you are expecting financial help from your child’s other parent and that person fails to deliver, it can be even more emotionally taxing. At Huson Law Firm, PLLC, we recognize that there are certain legal measures you may be able to take when you find yourself in this situation, and that the parent failing to pay support can wind up in serious trouble for neglecting to do so.

Per the Minnesota Department of Human Services, you may be able to request that your local child support office step in when your son or daughter’s other parent fails to abide by an established child support order. The office can take any number of different measures in its attempts to get your child’s parent to pay up, and some of these measures have the potential to threaten his or her personal or professional future.

The child support office may, for example, be able to hold this person in contempt of court if it is determined that he or she has the money to pay child support, but simply fails to do so. He or she may, too, have to pay interest on outstanding child support payments, and failing to pay may also threaten his or her ability to have or get a passport.

In some situations, failing to pay child support can also lead to a suspension of certain types of licenses, including driver’s licenses and certain professional or recreational licenses. Your former partner may, too, have certain assets seized, including any money he or she was set to receive for a tax return. You can find out more about child support by visiting our webpage.