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How parents can work together after a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2019 | Child Custody |

Minnesota parents should work toward a functional relationship even after they get a divorce. This is important for the well-being of their children. Focusing on the children can be an excellent way for the estranged couple to set aside their differences.

Despite no longer being together, parents may want to consider couples’ counseling. At least a few sessions early on may help them come to some agreements about expectations related to sharing custody. This can create a more stable environment for children. When parents do need to meet to talk about child-related issues, they should try to pick a neutral territory. The house they formerly shared may bring up too many difficult emotions. Instead, parents may want to try to meet in a pleasant public location, such as a cafe or a park.

Money issues are at the root of many divorces, and they may be an issue during and after the divorce as well. One parent may be required to pay child and spousal support to the other. It is usually best if parents are able to work this out with each other instead of having a judge decide. Parents should understand that these are separate payments that have different purposes. A parent who is ordered to pay support should keep up with regular payments. This is an important element of establishing trust.

If a child custody case ends up in court, a judge will use the best interests of the child to make a decision. However, parents have the opportunity to come up with a creative solution that works best for them and their children. Over time, a child’s needs may change, and older children may want some input into the schedule. Parents who need to change the child support amount paid may need to return to court and ask for a modification.