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Awesome fathers create awesome daughters

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | Child Custody |

Great dads create great women, according to recent research. Getting divorced does not need to reduce the quality of the father-daughter relationship. It can even improve it, as fathers have to step up to roles that they may previously have left to the mother when married.

The research found three ways a positive father-daughter relationship improved girls’ prospects:

Mental health

Women who grew up having a positive relationship with their fathers had higher levels of cortisol, which helps them deal with stress better. Poor relations resulted in lower levels and resulted in women who overreacted to stress. The way dads play with their kids, such as throwing kids in the air, is thought to be the reason.


TV shows and films aimed at teenagers are full of spoiled rich girls who need only pout their bottom lip for daddy to buy them what they want. Yet an excellent father-daughter relationship increase the chance she will be financially successful on her own.

By offering a supportive environment to grow up in, the child is more likely to get good grades and get a better-paid job. Plus, as fathers tend to be more prepared to let children experience risk for themselves, the daughter will grow up better able to assess risk. Thus, she knows that certain chances in business are worth taking, and which risks not to take in her personal life.


As a father, it is vital to ensure your daughter feels secure and loved. Failure to do so increases the chance she will engage in risky behavior with other men, to get that love and approval her dad never gave her. A strong father sends his daughter out into the world, knowing her true worth.

When drawing up a child custody plan, ensuring fathers and daughters spend sufficient time together is vital.