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Here’s what you should understand about paternity and your rights

| Sep 15, 2020 | Fathers' Rights |

Many men believe that just being the father of a child is enough. However, if you are not married, you need to establish paternity. That is the first step toward protecting your rights as a parent.

Why don’t more men get DNA tests (or establish paternity through other means)?

The simple answer is because of marriage. When a man is married and his wife gives birth, the assumption is that the child is his. The presumption automatically means that the man will be listed on the child’s birth certificate.

If you’re married and don’t think the child is yours, then you should ask for a paternity test before signing any birth certificate or other legal documents regarding the child.

If you’re not married when your child is born, you have the opportunity to sign an acknowledgement of paternity without a DNA test. However, getting a DNA test is a good idea so that you can be certain that you are the father of your child and legally establish your biological bond.

It’s important for a child to know the truth about their parents. If you don’t believe that you’re the father of a child, make sure you speak up. You should ask for a DNA test. If the mother won’t allow it, you can petition the court for the test so that you can be sure of your child’s parentage.

Our website has more on paternity and why it’s so important for fathers to establish their paternity and remain involved in their children’s lives. Establishing paternity takes only a simple test, and it’s a good time to seek it while your child is still young.