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How is child support calculated in Minnesota?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2020 | Child Support |

When asked to pay child support, you may balk at the figure and wonder why you have to give so much. If you are the one requesting it, you need to understand what you can expect to receive.

Minnesota divides child support into three categories:

  • Basic support: To cover education, food, housing, clothes, transport and other basic needs of the child.
  • Medical support: To cover dental and health insurance and expenses not covered by insurance.
  • Child care support: To cover any daycare costs needed while the parent works.

Who decides on the amount of child support?

A court will decide how much child support to award. It does so by looking at four things:

  • The income of each parent.
  • How many children you have together.
  • How much it costs to raise a child in the manner you have so far.
  • The amount of time the child will spend with each parent.

What happens when one parent is not working?

The law assumes both parents are working or have the potential to work. Speak to your attorney if there is a valid reason you are unable to work.

What if my partner does not disclose their income?

If the other parent is unwilling to disclose their earnings, the court will base its decision upon the evidence it can find, including what you say the other parent earns.

An attorney can help you understand how much child support a court will expect you to pay or how much it may award you. Child support issues can often lead to bitter arguments. To avoid this, it is best if both parents keep clear that this is money to be spent on the child, not for any other purpose.