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What do you worry about during divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2020 | Divorce |

Your spouse has asked you for a divorce, and now you’re looking for answers. You’re not trying to save the marriage. You just want solutions that can address the worries you now have, and you want to seek the best possible life for you and your children after the divorce is finalized.

Individual worries

It’s true that all people have their own worries and things that bring them stress. One person may be worried about finances while another just assumes everything will work out. It’s important to remember that you are unique and so is your situation.

That said, it can help to consider many of the things that parents tend to worry about during divorce. You can then address these issues yourself if necessary. Some common worries include:

  • Having to adjust to living on your own after a divorce
  • Trying to co-parent with your ex when you’re not on good terms
  • Deciding where the children are going to live and how much time you each spend with them
  • Navigating the divorce process and all the legal steps
  • Deciding if you can stay friends with your ex or at least maintain a relationship that allows you both to be effective parents
  • Trying to make ends meet financially
  • Deciding when you should start dating again

The solutions are different for everyone. Many of these things will be addressed as the divorce plays out. Your custody plan tells you how often you see the children, for instance, while child support rulings can help you make ends meet.

For every step in this process, be sure you have an experienced legal team at your side. This can help you worry less and put your energy into finding solutions.