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When cold weather derails your child custody exchange

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Child Custody |

Parents living in Minnesota and locations throughout the Upper Midwest are no strangers to the havoc that dangerous weather patterns can wreak upon every aspect of their lives. Getting to school, work or simply running household errands can quickly become derailed by snow, ice, wind and rain. What happens, though, when extreme weather threatens to hurt your ability to make a court-mandated custody exchange on time?

Divorcing couples will often devote a significant amount of time and effort in drafting a comprehensive parenting time schedule that works in the best interests of all involved. Unfortunately, weather conditions can spring up and force changes to be made on the fly. How can parents work to avoid heated disputes and costly interruptions in their schedules?

  • Stay in touch: In these situations, communication is key. Even though the former couple might not be on the best social speaking terms, they must see past that and remain in touch for the sake of the children. With violent weather on the horizon, it is crucial that you have the ability to communicate you might be late, suggest an alternative location or reschedule to a time when everyone involved will be safe.
  • Pick secondary locations: It is not uncommon for Minnesota couples to negotiate secondary custody exchange locations for the possibility of bad weather. This could be a location equidistant from both homes, a location near mass transit stops or something similar. It is wise to put forethought into this inevitability as many regions will struggle through several months of challenging weather each year.
  • Watch the news: While this might not be something to account for in the parenting plan, it is wise to be aware of changing weather conditions. If you see that your child custody exchange Friday after work might put you in danger of facing harsh driving conditions, you should talk to your ex to see if you have alternate options.

Separating one household into two futures can be an emotionally and financially turbulent time. While the process might be obscured by numerous negotiations and debates, it is important to stay focused on avoiding future troubles. Even though the divorce might occur in July, it is crucial to account for the types of weather you might face in February.