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How can you convince your ex to embrace co-parenting?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Child Custody |

Modern judges agree that children should spend time with both parents after divorce. Yet, not all parents think the same way. Some still believe they should fight to have the majority of time with their child. 

If your spouse thinks like this, you need to prepare for a difficult custody battle. If their reasoning is that they are the better parent or that you could not possibly raise your daughter, then it may be time to convince them of the benefits of sharing custody.

Sharing parenting allows you to be a better parent

Parenting full-time is demanding. Sharing that responsibility provides a chance to take a mental and physical break and recharge, ready for the next time on duty. Here are some other benefits you could use to persuade the other parent to allow you to spend more time with the children:

  • They will gain time: What does your spouse always complain they never have time for? If they let you take the children more, it will give them time to accomplish those things.
  • They will save money: There are always extra costs that arise from having children in the home, from an additional piece of cake at the cafe to more gas in the car to run your child around.
  • Your child will appreciate them more: Children can take their parents for granted when they see them every day. If your spouse is a better cook than you, more playful than you, or better at helping with homework, your children will appreciate those talents more when they are not always there.

There are many ways to tackle issues such as child custody. Sometimes you need to take a direct litigious approach, and sometimes it pays to be more creative. Understanding the full range of options can help you achieve your goals.