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Number one predictor of divorce? (It may surprise you.)

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2021 | Divorce |

If you had to guess the number one issue between couples that predicts their likelihood of divorce, what would you guess? Would it be differences in religion? Do you suspect it’s disparities in education or income? What about infidelity?

How about tolerance for risk when it comes to their finances and investments?

A study from the University of California-San Diego makes a startling discovery

According to research by the University of California-San Diego, couples who have the most significant gap when it comes to their individual comfort levels with financial risk are twice as likely to divorce than other couples. In fact, that gap in preferences is the number one predictor that a couple will eventually separate.

Why so? Well, arguments about money are typically a huge source of marital conflict, but researchers say that the real issue goes deeper. A “spender” may be at odds with their “saver” spouse in more ways than one.

The attitude that each spouse has about financial investments and risks can influence everything from decisions about housing to career choices — and the cumulative effect is that you end up with an unstable (and untenable) relationship. Plus, couples with sharply different tolerances for financial risk are less likely to own homes together, a fact that probably makes it easier to walk away when discord peaks.

When divorce is on the horizon, take steps to protect your future

No matter what has caused your marital divide, it’s time to focus on your own goals. When there are complicated issues that need to be decided in your divorce, don’t hesitate to obtain legal guidance.