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Addressing potential issues in a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Divorce |

Divorce is rarely easy or pleasant. Even under the best circumstances, this is a challenging and emotional process. 

However, if you decide to split from your partner and file for divorce later in life, there are additional issues to contend with. While this is true, knowing some of the most common issues when divorcing after 50 will help you be prepared. 

Understand your financial situation

As you get older, the more complicated your financial situation becomes. Unfortunately, this factor makes your divorce more complex, too. Be sure you know what is going on with your financial situation and marital assets. 

It is also important to consider how your financial situation will change after a divorce. Planning now can help you avoid cases of financial hardship due to your reduced income and assets following the divorce.

Issues with adult children

If you are over 50, it is a possibility that you have adult children. When discussing divorce, many people focus on conversing with younger children and determining custody and child support. In this situation, these things aren’t necessary — but your divorce can still leave your adult children reeling.

Take time to strengthen your relationship with your adult children. You can support one another through this transition period, but make sure that you emphasize that there’s no need to take sides.

Focus on moving forward

Going through a gray divorce means you have likely been married for several decades. Leaving all this behind can be challenging. To help you get through the change, focus on moving forward and what you can do with your life now. 

Understanding your legal rights

Divorcing when you’re older has special challenges, so it is important to know your legal rights. This will help you secure a fair settlement in your divorce.