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How to help your kids cope after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2023 | Family Law |

Divorce is challenging, but the stress can be more for parents. This is because it not only affects them but also their children. Research shows that divorce can have significant psychological effects on kids.

For this reason, parents going through a divorce are always worried. Here is how you can help your kids cope with the changes:

1. Encourage therapy

Divorce may cause children to be sad, confused and angry. Thus, therapy – whether individual or family (maybe even with your ex-spouse included)  – can be hugely beneficial 

Sit down with them and explain how counseling works and why it’s important. Listen to their opinions – if they would consider therapy or not. This can lead to better results if they choose it. Children may go to therapy before, during and after the divorce. 

2. Help them make friends

When most children go through a hard time, they avoid social contact. It may be challenging to relate with friends when their parents are going through a divorce. However, you can help them by inviting people they are close with like their cousins or best friends. 

Further, encourage them to engage in activities they are passionate about. They may make new friends during sports practice or a dance class. 

3. Help them with schoolwork

A significant percentage of kids of divorcing/divorced parents don’t perform well academically as before. But you can avoid this using practical strategies. First, try as much as you can to maintain the same after-school routine. This gives them a sense of security. Hiring a tutor can also help them re-focus on schoolwork.

Being worried as a parent in divorce is normal. Fortunately, you can help them adjust better to their new life. You should also spend time with your kids to maintain a healthy relationship.