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3 reasons why dating during divorce may be a bad idea

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Divorce |

Filing for divorce is a challenging process for most people. Even if you know it is the right thing for you and your family; there are complicated issues that must be handled. 

You may finally feel free when you file the papers to divorce your spouse; however, diving right back into the dating pool may not be a good idea. While there is no legal reason why you cannot date before your divorce is finalized, there are some things to consider to ensure it will not impact the process:

1. The emotional toll of divorce can be too hard

As mentioned above, divorce is hard enough without bringing more people into the situation. The emotional toll of dealing with child custody, property division and other related matters can be draining. 

2. It could make agreeing on issues more challenging

If you begin dating someone before your divorce is final, your former spouse may feel strong emotions about it, making them less reasonable when settling. This could cause the process to be drawn out even longer, costing everyone more time, energy and money. 

3. The impact on your children could be negative

If you have children, you should consider how the situation affects them. Most kids have a hard time when their parents break up. If you bring someone new into their lives too soon, they may feel resentful or have a more challenging time dealing with the situation. 

Waiting to date may be best

Everyone’s situation is different, and you must determine what works for you and your family. However, in most cases, waiting to start dating is best. This will help you deal with the challenges and emotions of the divorce and focus on yourself and your children.