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3 things fathers seeking sole child custody should know

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Child Custody |

The days when mothers almost automatically received custody of their kids during divorce are far behind us. In the modern world, family courts recognize that children typically need both parents to thrive and become well-rounded adults.

Still, it remains challenging for many fathers to obtain equitable parenting time, let alone full child custody. Modern family courts will consider your argument, but knowledge can help you achieve your custody goals.

1. Sole custody may not mean what you think

There’s physical custody and legal custody, and they aren’t the same. Sole legal custody means that you would make all of the important decisions for your child, while sole physical custody means that your children would live with you full-time, while their other parent may only have parenting time.

2. You need to show that you’re an involved parent

Parenting time means the time you spend with your kids, regardless of who has physical or legal custody. For now, focus your efforts on preserving these rights to ensure that you are staying connected and involved in your child’s life. That can only help when you approach the court with your custody plans.

3. Courts have the final say about custody 

Family court judges have the final say in all child custody and parenting time arrangements. Someone with up-to-date knowledge of state divorce and custody laws can help you make your case for sole custody – but the court will ultimately make their decision based on the child’s best interests.

Although sole child custody could be an option in Minnesota, courts prefer a joint custody arrangement unless it endangers the involved children. Learning more about the family court system can add weight to your case.