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4 things to discuss with your co-parent

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Child Custody |

It’s possible to raise children successfully in two homes after a divorce, but it can be challenging, especially in the beginning. Co-parenting offers many benefits, but both parties should communicate to enjoy them. Misunderstandings can make this custody option harder. 

Here are four things to discuss with your co-parent:


At this point, you should have agreed on the living arrangement, which may already be in effect. Now, you need to discuss how the kid(s) will move from one home to another. Who will do the drop-off or pick-up? Being on the same page will ensure the kids are safe and move between the homes conveniently.


A kid’s routine should be similar in both homes. Of course, some things may change, but vital ones like when they do homework, eat or sleep should be consistent.  


You and the other parent should agree on disciplining the kids when they misbehave. When one parent fails to observe the agreed punishment, they may undermine the parenting of the other. 

Further, your kids should know they will be punished equally in both homes for a mistake. For instance, if they are grounded by the other parent, this should continue when they come to your house until the set period ends.

New partners

Co-parents don’t need to discuss the details of their dating lives. But it’s vital to inform each other when seeing someone and when they want the kids to meet them. It’s also crucial to set ground rules on what is accepted or not when the new partner is around the kids.

Talking about these topics can make co-parenting more manageable. If your experience with this custody option is not as expected, you may need to get legal help to protect your relationship with your kids.