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Spring break survival guide for co-parents

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Child Custody, Divorce |

Spring break will arrive soon for millions of kids across the U.S. When a child’s parents are divorced, though, the vacation period has the potential to draw stress, confusion and conflict. If you and your ex share children, the time to prepare for spring break and its complications are now. Ahead is some advice for how to co-parent peacefully over the holiday.

Tips and tricks for spring break season

Although spring break is still weeks away, you and your family could benefit from pausing to think about it. These are some things to consider before the holiday comes:

  1. Discuss things ahead of time

The earlier you clarify the plans for the kids’ spring break, the better. You and your co-parent might want to adjust the parenting schedule to fit your needs, including your work calendar. By addressing matters in advance, you avoid lots of last-minute mix-ups.

  1. Get permission to go out of state

Taking your children out of state – say, to a tropical beach instead of Minnesota – is an appealing idea. However, you could run into legal troubles if you cross state lines without the consent of their other parent. Make sure you have your ex’s go-ahead or obtain a court order granting you the right to leave the state.

  1. Communication is key

Communicating your plans, frustrations, ideas and concerns is critical during a school holiday. This is not always easy, especially with an ex, but it ensures that both parties always know what is going on – and what to expect.

  1. Prioritize the kids

Most importantly, put your children first. Consider what is best for their activity levels, medical needs and hobbies. When parents can set aside their differences to make an unusual schedule work for their children, it almost always makes for a much happier, calmer spring break.

If you can keep these issues in mind, you stand to enjoy your kids’ spring break much more. That’s another important point: Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy spring break for yourself.