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4 reasons to preserve your child’s bond with your ex’s family

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2023 | Child Custody |

When parents get a divorce, it often impacts the relationships their children have with extended family members. The once close bond between kids and their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins can change or even end.

You may no longer care about keeping in touch with your ex’s family, but what about your children? These extended family bonds can be vital to their mental and emotional well-being, especially during and shortly after the divorce.

1. It maintains their stability

Although they are good at hiding it, many children feel that everything they trusted in fell apart when their parents split. Spending time with their extended family can help them feel connected to their past and preserve their sense of stability.

2. It helps them feel normal

Visits with grandparents or cousins can help your kids feel that some parts of their life will remain mostly unchanged. Preserving normalcy in as many areas of your children’s life as possible may improve how they cope with the end of your marriage.

3. It gives them extra love

In times of stress, receiving unconditional love from everyone in the family can help alleviate the fear and anxiety your kids may be feeling. Although you and your ex are giving your children plenty of love and attention, a little extra may help them feel better about the changes in their lives.

4. It may prevent legal issues

In Minnesota, grandparents can ask the court for “reasonable visitation rights.”  Courts often approve such petitions unless it would expose kids to a risk of physical or psychological harm. You can foster goodwill and prevent these issues by encouraging continuing contact with extended family.

With guidance, you can address child-related issues like this while your divorce is underway. This approach can ensure that you and your kids experience no undue hardships in your post-divorce lives.