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Managing your kids’ sports and other activities after a divorce 

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2024 | Child Custody |

If your children are involved in football, hockey, drama club or other extracurricular activities, you likely need to consider them during a divorce. These activities could play an important role on many levels.

To begin with, courts often focus on stability when trying to address a child’s best interests. They don’t want the child’s life to change in ways that it doesn’t have to. So a child’s participation in school activities and sports teams could play a role when deciding how physical custody will be divided and where the child will live. The court will usually seek an arrangement that doesn’t prevent the child from enjoying these activities and staying involved with their school, friend group, etc.

Setting up a schedule

Next, you and your ex will need to set up a parenting schedule that includes these activities. When do you drop the children off or pick them up? Are other people, such as babysitters or grandparents, allowed to do these pickups and drop-offs? Who is responsible for the costs of this transportation or the cost of participating in the activity itself?

Communication needs

Finally, the two of you will have to be able to continue communicating after the divorce. You have to discuss the child’s schedule and how to cover these costs. Additionally, things can change as the child gets older, so you and your ex should be flexible and open to adjusting your parenting arrangement as necessary.

This process goes more smoothly when you address it upfront. Be sure you know exactly what steps to take as you go through the divorce.