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Do you have to wait for a court to order child support?

Child support is payments that are given by one spouse to the other for the support of their respective child. The money is meant to support the child, therefore; nominally it is given to the parent, legally it is deemed belonging to the child. You cannot obtain child support until after an order is issued by the court. But getting these orders can take months, do you have to go without support for all that time?

Can you withhold support payments in a child custody dispute?

The facetious answer is, you can do anything. But the smart answer is, you should almost never, ever withhold support payments. The court takes a dim view of anyone who tries to leverage their parental obligations and paying child support is a parental obligation. Legally, child support is owed to the child, so if you withhold it, you are only hurting your child. The court naturally interprets these actions in a very negative light. Often withholding support can backfire and hurt your chances of modifying child custody.

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