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March 2017 Archives

Factors involved in child support modification

Although your divorce settlement may contain a child custody arrangement, this arrangement is not always set in stone. Life changes occur and you may need to file for a modification to your child custody agreement. There are certain circumstances in which you can file for a child custody modification; however, before you can complete this important step, you may want to consider what is in the best interest of your child. At Huson Law Firm, we understand that child custody modification may be necessary in some situations.

Does substance abuse impact divorce and child custody disputes?

Substance abuse is a common reason that many marriages end. One spouse becomes addicted to a particular substance and it slowly poisons the marriage until one of the partners is unable to stay. This sad story plays out time and again all over the country. If you are engaged in a child custody dispute and the other spouse is a current or former drug abuser, it is highly likely to influence the courts determinations.

Unmarried father? Know the legal significance of paternity

If you and your significant are not married and the two of you have a child together, you should understand the importance of establishing paternity. Simply being listed on the birth certificate is not enough to secure your parental rights if things end between the two of you. Even if you plan to stay together forever, the future is always uncertain.

Five most common child support questions, Part 1

Divorce is a complex legal situation. You are mixing family, money, and emotions, which rarely ends well. That being said, divorces are not consigned to end poorly no matter what. You and your ex-spouse mostly control the process. Therefore, you can affect how well or poorly it goes. A lawyer can assist you through the process by addressing the legal angles and walking you through the common issues that divorcing couples need to address. One the most common, and thorny, is child support. This post will go over the basic questions most people raise regarding child support.

What do you do if your ex denies you visitation? Part 2

Visitation can be ordered without share custody. Visitation is the right for you to see your child and spend quality time with her. The goal of visitation is to ensure that you maintain a healthy connection to your child. Sadly, some parents try to use visitation against the other parent by withholding it as punishment for other perceived slights. A previous post discussed what you shouldn't do. This post will go over what you should do if your ex-partner interferes with your visitation.

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