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Modifying a custody agreement: never easy, sometimes necessary

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Child Custody |

Modifying a child custody agreement in Minnesota is not an easy task, and that is by design. The parties to a divorce, their attorneys and the courts cooperate to create an agreement that protects parental rights while serving the best interest of the child. Nevertheless, at Huson Law Firm we know that life is subject to constant change, and an alteration to your circumstances, which may be beyond your control, can necessitate a change to an existing child custody agreement. 

According to FindLaw, there are complex grounds for modifying a custody agreement, but some generalities include an emergency situation that puts the child at risk, a positive improvement for a child or a change in one or both parents’ circumstances. More specifically, you may receive a job transfer to a position in another state, making it difficult if not impossible to fulfill the terms of the current arrangement, or you may have reason to believe that child abuse is taking place in the other parent’s home, putting your child in danger. Whatever the circumstances, there must be a legitimate reason for the modification, and you must never seek one out of spite or malice. 

Once you have determined that you have legitimate grounds for requesting a modification to a custody agreement, you must then file the request with the court that entered the previous order or decree. You can obtain the necessary forms and gain more information about the procedures you need to follow from the court. More information about custody modification is available on our website.