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Custody Modification: Matching Custody To The Realities Of Life

The role of a spouse is terminated when a divorce is final, but the role of a parent survives long after divorce. This is important, as it is beneficial to have both parents involved in a child’s life. However, life is subject to constant change, and it may become necessary to adjust custody agreements to reflect the reality of the current situation.

At Huson Law Firm, PLLC, in St. Paul, we help parents with custody modification in the Twin Cities metro and throughout Minnesota. We keep our focus on creating a situation that is in the best interest of children, putting the full weight of our experience and knowledge of Minnesota family law to work for our clients.

Modification Is Not Easy

There must be a good reason to seek modifications to custody. This is not something that will be granted when parents seek modification out of spite or attempt to use custody as a weapon in a dispute.

In order to modify a custody agreement post-divorce, it must be a situation that is in the best interest of the child and protects parental rights. This typically occurs in situations where modification is necessary to:

  • Protect the child from harm (physical, emotional or developmental)
  • Remedy a situation where an unjustified denial or interference with an established parenting schedule has been made
  • Serve the best interest of the child by changing the circumstances

No matter the reason, seeking a change in custody is a serious matter that can have a tremendous effect on everyone involved. Our attorney does not take this lightly, and we devote our energy and resources to serving the interests of children in these situations.

Seeking A Change In Custody Arrangement?

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