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Advocating for fathers’ rights doesn’t mean being “anti-woman”

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Fathers' Rights |

A lot of people have some serious misconceptions about what advocating for “fathers’ rights” actually means.

Contrary to popular belief, the movement toward fathers’ rights is neither against mothers’ rights nor “anti-woman.” Instead, the goal is to treat fathers and mothers with equal dignity and – whenever possible – grant them equal access to and responsibilities for the children they share.

Why is advocacy for fathers’ rights so necessary?

Historically speaking, divorced fathers in the United States were primarily relegated to the role of “provider” via child support and alimony payments. Sole custody of the children often went to the mothers, especially when the children were still quite young and in what the courts often called their “tender years.”

Mothers were seen as innately more nurturing and suited to actual day-to-day parenting. This prejudice actually created a narrative that’s often reinforced time and again in movies and sitcoms, both of which tend to inform public (and legal) opinions.

Mothers are usually portrayed as capable parents who can handle all of the hassles that come with raising children with ease – while fathers are often portrayed as utterly incompetent parents who can’t manage the basics. This reinforces the idea that men are simply ill-suited for active parenting, and that’s a huge disservice to both fathers and their children.

Don’t let prejudice damage your right to shared custody. If you’re a father who is worried about losing the quality relationship you have with your children after your divorce, talk to someone with legal experience. They can help you understand what you can do to protect that precious parent-child relationship for the future.