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Fathers’ Rights

Children Need Both Parents. Huson Law Firm, PLLC, Can Make It Happen.

If you have heard our radio ads on KFAN in the Twin Cities, you know we are known by many as “Lawyer For Dads.” This stems from our belief that post-divorce outcomes are better for children when everyone is involved. We are proud of this record and invite you to learn more about the representation we offer fathers in Minnesota.

Fathers can get more than scraps, and mothers should not take custody for granted. Call 651-968-0822 to arrange a free consultation with our experienced fathers’ rights attorney.

What Does Fathers’ Rights Mean?

Children need their mother and their father. This concept has not always been reflected in Minnesota family law. For decades, it was taken for granted that mothers would be the primary custodial parent and fathers would have to settle for some weekend time with their children or sporadic visitation.

This is no longer the case. Fathers have just as much right to custody as mothers do, and attorneys like ours are making all the difference in this area of family law.

We Are Not Anti-Mother

While we understand how difficult it is to be a father in today’s world, we are not “anti-mom.” If you are looking for an attorney who will go after your ex and scorch the earth, you need to look elsewhere. We work hard on behalf of mothers and fathers with one goal in mind: benefiting children who are affected by divorce.

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We look forward to helping you protect your rights and do the right thing for your children. Contact our office in St. Paul to schedule a free consultation.