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How can you modify your custody agreement in Minnesota?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Child Custody |

You may want to change your custody orders for various reasons. It may be because co-parenting has become a real headache, and efforts to find an amicable solution with your ex have failed. Alternatively, you could be worried about the welfare of the children under the current arrangement.

The law provides for this. You can petition the court to change custody orders if circumstances have significantly changed since the current orders became effective. Here is how this works in Minnesota.

What to expect in the custody modification process

You must go through the courts if you cannot agree with your co-parent on the necessary changes to the custody orders. The first step in doing this is filing a modification petition. There may be a hearing where the court will listen to both sides of the story before issuing a judgment.

As mentioned, a significant change in circumstances or constant violations of the current custody orders may warrant the court to issue new orders. The key determinant, however, is the children’s best interests. The courts will always strive for a custody arrangement that protects the well-being of the children.

Evidence is key in modification petitions

It helps to have evidence that will convince the court that a modification is necessary. For a successful petition, you must show that the children are better off with a new custody order and that the existing one is not serving their interests.

Your co-parent may be abusive or neglectful, yet they have primary custody. In such a case, the court may revise the orders since it is what’s best for the children, but only if you provide sufficient evidence. Medical reports, witness statements, police reports and even statements from the child can all help a modification petition.

Get the necessary legal help

Modifying court-issued custody orders is a legal process, and it is best to seek qualified assistance to help you through it all. Understanding how it all works and what to expect will increase your chances of a successful modification petition.