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Post-Decree Modifications

Adapting Divorce Agreements To Meet The Realities Of Life

Parenting is a role that survives divorce. Our legal system recognizes this and encourages the continued involvement of both parents. Because life is in a continual state of change, from time to time child custody arrangements and child support require modifications. In many cases, the financial circumstances that were used to calculate the appropriate spousal or alimony amount may have significantly changed. At the Huson Law Firm, PLLC, our practice has always kept a clear eye on the changing realities of our clients’ lives. When post-divorce modifications must be made, we put the full weight of our experience, our knowledge of Minnesota law and our skills in motion to make them happen.

Child Custody Modifications

Generally, it’s difficult to alter a custody agreement without the consent of both parents. Minnesota allows for post-divorce modifications to protect parental rights. Our experience has been that this occurs in the following situations:

  • When it’s necessary to protect the child from physical, emotional or developmental harm
  • When an unjustified denial or interference with an established parenting schedule is made
  • When a change in the circumstances makes a modification necessary to serve the best interests of the child

Whatever the circumstances, a change in custody is a serious matter for any parent and one that our attorneys treat with prompt and focused attention.

Child Support Modifications

Child support responsibilities are calculated using a number of factors that include the financial resources and gross income of both parents. Because these figures can frequently change, post-divorce modifications are made to reflect existing financial realities. We know that a change in circumstances can make an existing order unreasonable or unfair. Therefore, we’ll do what needs to be done to meet the best interests of our clients’ children while promoting an appropriate division of financial responsibilities.

Spousal Support Modifications

What our attorneys’ lives and more than 20 years of family law practice have made clear is that financial circumstances often change. We regularly pursue the post-divorce modifications that our clients need for their financial security.

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