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How a calendar may contain relevant information in a divorce

Among the bank statements, tax returns and other documents people in Minnesota may gather in preparation for divorce, they might be surprised to learn that a calendar can be useful as well. If they are parents, the calendar can help them reconstruct scheduling, activities and expenses over the past year. The calendar can also provide information about lifestyle during the marriage, which can be used in calculating spousal support payments.

Gender shouldn't matter in custody cases

Traditionally, mothers have been given custody of their children after a divorce. This has caused fathers in Minnesota and elsewhere to wonder if they are given a fair shake in their custody cases. Fathers are supposed to be granted joint or sole custody of a child if that would be in the minor's best interests. Of course, it is possible that a judge may have outdated notions about a father's ability to take care of a child.

Recognizing signs of parental alienation

When you split from your romantic partner and your child’s other parent in Minnesota, it makes sense that there might be some bad blood between the two of you. While this is not uncommon, in especially contentious cases, you may begin to develop concerns about your child’s other parent attempting to turn him or her against you. At Huson Law Firm, PLLC, we recognize that, in some cases, one parent’s efforts to turn a shared child against the other can constitute parental alienation, which is a dangerous behavior that can have a substantial and negative effect on your child.

Study: The benefits of joint custody

Going through a divorce can be an emotional process, especially when there are children involved. Although parents may want to shield their children from experiencing the heartache of divorce, children are often the unwilling participants of a marital separation. Determining child custody may be one of the most difficult duties of the divorce process. While children may be used to living with both parents, it can be hard for children to adjust to a single-parent household. However, studies show the clear benefits of a joint-custody arrangment. 

How can mediation help with child custody matters?

Whether you are currently going through a divorce or you are considering starting the process, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of separation. While it may be better for your situation, dividing marital property, determining child custody and creating a parenting plan can be daunting. One of the most difficult issues to tackle is who will take care of the children and what type of parenting plan will work best for your family. Going through the mediation process can help to minimize the negative effects that divorce can have on raising your children together. 

Modifying a custody agreement: never easy, sometimes necessary

Modifying a child custody agreement in Minnesota is not an easy task, and that is by design. The parties to a divorce, their attorneys and the courts cooperate to create an agreement that protects parental rights while serving the best interest of the child. Nevertheless, at Huson Law Firm we know that life is subject to constant change, and an alteration to your circumstances, which may be beyond your control, can necessitate a change to an existing child custody agreement. 

Helping preschoolers process parental divorce

Parents in Minnesota who find themselves facing an impending divorce know that at some point they will need to break the news to their children. This may be one of the hardest conversations they will ever have but it must be done. What to say to a child about a divorce depends in large part on the child's age and stage of emotional development. When it comes to preschoolers, less can be more.

Focusing on solutions with your former spouse

The good news is that you and your ex-spouse have committed to giving your child a structured upbringing in Minnesota. The bad news is that you are not sure how to handle disputes with your former wife or husband. There will almost certainly be differences in how you two will handle rearing your offspring, which can become bitter and unproductive if not handled correctly.

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