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How does remarriage affect your child?

It is common for fathers to end up as the non-custodial parent in Minnesota. You get visitation time with your children, but you probably also spend a lot of time alone. It is no surprise that you may start dating and even begin to think about getting remarried. However, a new spouse will change your household dynamic and can negatively impact the relationship you have with your kids. 

How to introduce your new partner to your children

Many fathers in Minnesota may think now that the divorce is final, the tough stuff is behind them. However, the reality is the hard things do not stop there. Most now-single fathers will begin to date, and at some point in a new relationship, it will be time to introduce the new partner to the children. This can be a sticky situation, and it must be handled properly to avoid problems that could plague a relationship with both the kids and the partner.

How to handle vaccine arguments with your ex

Divorced couples in Minnesota have many issues that remain after the papers are signed. This is especially true if they have children. The anti-vaccination movement has begun to have an effect of divorced couples who each stand on either side of the issue. When parents disagree about vaccinating their children, it can create a sticky legal situation.

Do you have recourse as a victim of paternity fraud?

If you are a Minnesota father and you believe you have been a victim of paternity fraud, you may be wondering whether you have any legal recourse. Paternity fraud occurs when you are made to mistakenly believe you are the father of a child by the child’s mother, who may have suspicions or know for certain that you are not, in fact, the true biological father.

Establishing paternity for unwed fathers in Minnesota

If you live in Minnesota and believe you fathered a child with a woman who is not your legal wife, you have very few rights with regard to that child. There are, however, actions you may take to pursue legal rights. At Huson Law Firm, PLLC, we have a comprehensive understanding of the methods you may use to establish paternity in the state, and we have helped many unwed fathers gain rights to their biological children.

Why children need their fathers

Although mothers are given primary custody of their children in many cases of parental separation, the role of fathers is still essential. Children need emotional love and support from both parents in order to properly develop. If you have recently separated or filed for divorce, it is crucial to keep in mind the importance of a father in a child’s life.

How is the father’s role changing today?

As a Minnesota father, it is likely that you are noticing a shift in expectations about how you should be involved in your child’s life. As gender roles change and more mothers shoulder the burden of the family income, fathers across the United States are able to enjoy more time with their sons and daughters.

Unmarried father? Know the legal significance of paternity

If you and your significant are not married and the two of you have a child together, you should understand the importance of establishing paternity. Simply being listed on the birth certificate is not enough to secure your parental rights if things end between the two of you. Even if you plan to stay together forever, the future is always uncertain.

What do you do if your ex denies you visitation? Part 2

Visitation can be ordered without share custody. Visitation is the right for you to see your child and spend quality time with her. The goal of visitation is to ensure that you maintain a healthy connection to your child. Sadly, some parents try to use visitation against the other parent by withholding it as punishment for other perceived slights. A previous post discussed what you shouldn't do. This post will go over what you should do if your ex-partner interferes with your visitation.

What do you do if your ex denies you visitation? Part 1

Visitation is a fundamental aspect of shared custody. The courts and experts universally agree that it is in the best interests of the child for both parents to be involved in the child's life. Therefore, the courts require the parents to share custody, or if there is a primary caregiver, to grant visitation. If one parent fails to allow the other parent visitation time, then that could result in legal ramifications. This post will go over what you shouldn't do if your ex-partner denies you visitation, the following post will discuss what you should do.

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