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You Have Divorce Questions. We Have Answers.

At Huson Law Firm, PLLC, in St. Paul, we have represented men and women in the Twin Cities for more than 20 years. We focus on making sure our clients have the information they need to make informed decisions about their divorce.

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Divorce FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most frequent questions we get from clients about divorce.

How Long Does The Divorce Process Take?

This depends on many factors, but in general, it can take a few months to more than a year. Within two months of filing for divorce, our attorneys initiate alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation and Early Neutral Evaluations (ENEs), to attempt to reach a swift resolution. If a case can’t be settled and continues to trial with a number of contested issues, the litigation process can last several months and extend beyond a full year.

How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

This depends on a number of factors. If an early settlement is reached, the cost is significantly lower. The use of financial experts, such as forensic accountants, may add an additional cost but may also result in a better outcome. Our goal is always to give our clients the best service at the lowest possible cost. A skilled lawyer from our office is happy to discuss the cost with you during a free initial consultation.

What Does ‘No-Fault’ Mean?

It used to be the norm that to get a divorce, one spouse had to prove some form of recognized marital wrongdoing on the part of the other spouse. These faults included things like abandonment, abuse and adultery.

Minnesota, like many other states, now provides for “no-fault” divorces when one spouse says that an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage has taken place.

Misconduct on the part of one spouse is not a factor in these cases unless it’s the kind that may affect the couple’s children. In such a case, it may be a factor when determining custody or parenting time.

Why Does Representing Dads Require A Different Approach Than Moms?

While a growing trend seeks to treat dads and moms equally with respect to custody determinations, joint custody arrangements that permit fathers to play a significant and regular role in the rearing of their children is still difficult for fathers to obtain.

Minnesota law intends to be gender-neutral, but many custody determinations are highly dependent on the subjective determination of what is in the best interest of the child. That subjectivity sometimes contradicts a preference for a child’s mother holding the greater portion of responsibility.

We’ve represented hundreds of dads, and we know the obstacles they face when pursuing an active role in their children’s lives. We believe it’s best for a child to have the benefit of two loving parents, which is why we advocate strongly for our clients’ rights.